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#RakimApperciation: 5 Things You Might Not Know About The Rapper Who Is In Your Top Fives, Top 5

This week we are celebrating the born day of an emcee who made an everlasting footprint during the Golden Era of hip-hop. Rakim is known for his compound rhyming by using words that have two or more syllables in one

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“Roxanne Roxanne” is now on Netflix

Roxanne Shanté was the first solo female rapper who solidified her place in music history by recording a response track to U.T.F.O’s “Roxanne, Roxanne” titled “Roxanne’s Revenge” at the age of 14; this single hit No. 22 on the Billboard

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YO GABBA GABBA! (i am a 5 year old at heart)

have you seen this show? i know i’m late. it’s for kids, but it’s so brilliant. if you have a kid you probably have to endure the shows they watch; DORA, DIEGO, MILEY CYRUS, HIP HOP HARRY. i’m sure it

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