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Do Your Part: 10 Ways To Help Save The Bees

Bees, so tiny and minuscule in contrast to our great planet’s size, are a vital species whose duties offer us the luxury of every one out of three bites of food. Seriously, the numbers behind their performance are astonishing. They

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The Melting Earth: Climate Change

Remember when it snowed in the winter? Yea, me too but it looks like that’ll be another thing we share in the history books, if we make it that far. It’s pretty chilling to know Global Warming is considered a

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A Climatic Legacy: President Obama Speaks to National Geographic

President Barack Obama has tirelessly worked toward environmental healing and awareness through measures like the Clean Power Plan, White House science fairs, and the Better Buildings Challenge to name a few. With inauguration rapidly approaching, our 44th president wants to

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Happy Birthday To Actor, Oscar Winner, and Philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio

Our boy Leonardo DiCaprio turns 42 today. He’s been the object of our affection from childhood actor to serious teen contender to Oscar winner. Nevermind how long  The Academy took to give him his well deserved accolades, Leo holds the

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