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Insecure Insights: Dumb Decisions

At this point I don’t see how anyone is #TeamIssa or #LawrenceHive, both of these characters make equally dumb decisions. Watching them spew hate and throw tantrums is excruciatingly annoying as hell. This week’s first dumb decision was the conversation

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Insecure Insights: What Goes Around Comes Around

Last week’s episode revolved around role reversal and this episode picks up exactly where Hella Shook left off. Before we begin, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the street parking scene. I cannot even begin to describe how annoying it

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Insecure Insights: Turning Tables

As last week’s episode was closing out we caught a feel of the scripts flipping between Lawrence and Issa. Lawrence pulled up to her place after his escapade as we saw shots of Issa at Roscoe’s (I’m guessing) laughing it

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