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#WCW: Female MC’s You Should Be Paying Attention To

Whenever a new list of “New Artists You Need To Listen to” comes out out various media outlets, you’ll find an eclectic group of artists with different sounds, looks, and unbeknown to us, genders. So why is it when we

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LISTEN: Fall Out Boy & Missy Elliot Recreate ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Song

Missy Elliot and Fall Out Boy have teamed up to recreate the classic Ray Parker “Ghostbusters” theme song. The latest single from the new Ghostbusters movie, the reniditon offers a fresh take on the original theme song. Fall Out Boy vocalist Patrick Stump covers the

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THROWBACK: Missy Elliott – “Beep Me 911” (ft. 702 & Magoo) Dir. Hype Williams

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THROWBACK: Missy Elliott (aka Queen Mother) feat. 702 & Magoo – “Beep Me 911” (Dir. Hype Williams)

If I ever meet Missy, I might just bow down and kiss her hand. Her reign was too real. And Timbaland?! Like, what was in the Virginia water that had all these monsters coming out of there? Seriously, mad hit

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