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SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: Aubrey Graham A.K.A. Drake

Champagne Papi, aka Drake, wasn’t always the sex symbol he is today. In 2001, Aubrey Graham began his acting career as Jimmy Brooks in the ultra popular Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Jimmy was known as Spinner’s bestie and

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School Girl Crush: Will Smith

When it comes to Will Smith, you can’t associate him with just one thing. He could spit without profanity along with his right hand man, DJ Jazzy Jeff, act his a** off, dance,  and be fine while doing it all.  From songs

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School Girl Crush: Rocky Balboa

When it comes to being sexy, Rocky is the only one of Sylvester Stallone’s characters who has all the right moves, right down to his nickname: the Italian Stallion. In honor of the films debut in 1976, here are six

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SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: Jean-Paul Belmondo

You captured my heart as a rebellious teen when I was finding art in a hopeless place. The art being French New Wave Cinema and that hopeless (yet, not that hopeless) place was Albany. Since stumbling upon you in “A

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SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: David Bowie (RIP) + 10 Facts About This Legend

The sudden news of Davie Bowie’s passing is maybe only shocking to the public since apparently he and his family wanted to keep his 18 month battle with cancer private. Understandably so, yet – still sad to lose an incredible musician

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SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: Vincent Gallo (To Have A Baby By Vincent Gallo You Need To Be A Millionaire)

I first stumbled upon this strange yet beautiful creature in the early 90’s starring in Calvin Klein ads. His striking looks either confused you or intrigued you. As time went on, I started to see him more often. If he

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