TDE Announces New Signee: Meet SiR


TDE has anounced via social media that their newest signee is the talented Inglewood bred singer-songwriter SiR. Over just the course of two to three years, SiR’s talent has allowed him the opportunity of working with artists such as Anderson.Paak, Big KRIT, Iman Omari and more. He brings a fresh yet original sound to neo-soul with his calming voice and thoughtful, poetic lyrics. SiR was revealed as “John Doe #2”, as “John Doe #1”, Lance SkiiWalker, was signed in late 2016.


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SiR is most known for his swag and vibe filled album, Seven Sundays, released in 2014. Most recently, he released a six track EP called HER in October of last year, which started up major buzz about him again.

As if the announcement wasn’t enough, SiR also shared a new single and highly contrasted color filled visual, repping that he’s a “Westside boy,” to assist in celebrating the huge announcement called “W$ Boi”. I love that this happened. SiR has such great character and his music is undeniable. I think SiR is right where he needs to be.

Get into SiR and his music below. Let us know if you think he’s a great fit for TDE!

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