The History Of Eyebrow Slits

Eyebrows have always been everything. Regardless of the decade, having brows that were on point were key to looking your best. Whether they were tiny and highly arched, bushy and untamed or rocked a slit, your eyebrows made a statement. Vashtie always effortlessly tweaked trends to fit her personal taste; especially when it came to slits.

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Eyebrow slits were a trend of the 90s. It started in the music and acting scene, then ventured into high fashion which slowly got the world up to speed in the trendy eyebrow style. Most know Jason Momoa, who’s most famous for his role as Aquaman. His eyebrow slit caught trendsetter’s eyes, but only by accident as it represents a scar. After being hit in the face with the glass and requiring well over stitches, it’s safe to say the accident left more than a beauty mark.

From there, the trend began to spread. Not only did it pick up in the world of celebrities, but it played a cultural role in the black and brown communities. The slit began to represent an avid fighter or in Vashtie’s case, the toughest on her block. From fashion statements to cultural agendas and more, the eyebrow slit ventures in and out of “what’s in style” like most fashion statements do.

The browslit has made it’s way to a handful of your favorite celebs including Shad Moss (Bow Wow), Soulja Boy, Charlie Puth, Tim Hardy and more. While we haven’t seen the trend active since 2005, we can’t help but think when it’s going to make a comeback. 2020 maybe? Let us know at @VashtieDotCom.



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