The Influence of B.A.P.S on Long Nails

Ok let’s talk nails. The nail industry has been lit for the better part of 2019 and that’s a fact. Thanks to rappers like Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion and celebs/models the world was reintroduced to long acrylic nails but with a modern artsy twist. Long gone are the days where claw-like nails in crazy colors, prints and even adorned with gemstones are seen as gaudy and ghetto. These days acrylic nails are taking front stage with features from fashion magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazzar. But these looks are a comeback and ode to a generation past. The artfully done up nails we glorify and crave were cemented in the culture back in 1997 with blockbuster B.A.PS

B.A.PS or Black American Princesses highlighted long nails, be it press on or acrylic, in a ghetto fabulous and glamorous way. The main characters Nisi and Mickey (played by Hallee Berry and Natalie Desselle) sported an array of colorful latex outfits that weren’t complete without their coordinating claws. Whether it be square tips in bright neon orange, long moody red acrylics or gold tips to match their gold teeth the pair where never without a fresh set of nails. In true pop-culture fashion, B.A.PS laid the groundwork for long nails, and though styles and artists today are highly publicized thanks to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat it is hard to deny the influence B.A.PS had on the industry. Social media has played a big part in the comeback of this trend. Nail artists to celebs have leaped to fame from Instagram and shows like Claws and Nail’d It has shown just how creative manicures can be.  As a long-standing fan of cute short nails jazzed up a-la Vashtie, we are opening our minds to the longer styles that have taken over the industry.


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