The Original Soul Vegetarian: How This Family Owned Vegan Restaurant Thrived Over 25 Years

Ever thought about becoming a vegetarian or vegan but you can’t seem to stay away from fried and greasy foods? Well, today we’re here to answer your prayers. We now introduce you to The Original Soul Vegetarian.

Original Soul Vegetarian, one of the nation’s oldest African-American vegan soul food restaurants, has been cooking up vegan food on the South Side of Chicago for 36 years. The Original Soul Vegetarian Restaurant offers a one of a kind culinary experience in vegan cuisine. This restaurant offerings have been enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, who rave about this restaurant unique take on vegetarian fare that is big on taste without compromising health. They promote regeneration of the environment from the inside out, producing foods that are 100% plant-based animal and chemical-free, using no refined sugars, flours or rice. The inspiration behind their creations stems from their vision of a world where food no longer causes bloated bellies or sad faces. Knowing that food is the foundation and the essential ingredient upon which co-creates our world, this restaurant makes their foods fresh daily and with the goal of delivering optimum health benefits.

At Original Soul Vegetarian, you can also find a juice bar located in the restaurant for all of your health needs. In addition to various juices and elixirs; they also sell sandwiches, deli-style salads, and a few vegan groceries! Check out the menu here.

If you are looking for a place where you can go big on flavor without compromising on health, it is time that you visited Original Soul Vegetarian.

This restaurant has won the PETA Award for Catering, a Zagat Award for Food & Service, and was even named as the City’s Best Healthy Dining Restaurant by the AOL City Guide, Chicago. To learn more about their food, services, or their mission, do not hesitate to visit their location if you are in the Chicago area or give them a call at 773-451-9796.





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