The Power of Consistency in Fitness

You can’t scroll for five seconds on Instagram without being bombarded with a fitness page. If it’s not the shocking before and after photos, its trainers doing complex moves that people like me should not be trying at home. Even so, every season I find myself jumping into a new fitness plan that promises to deliver my dream body in 30 days. There’s the New Year’s Resolution plan, then the Summer Body plan, then Get Fit for Fall plan, and of course the crash workouts for the holiday. The fitness plans are all started with great determination but I inevitably come to dread the plan. After trying so many of these, you start to wonder why you’re not seeing the dramatic results. Well, for all of us finishing a 10-day cleanse and still waking up to no abs, I offer a solution. The key to achieving our ideal body is consistency.

Consistency – not extreme exercise, or extreme diets, or slimming teas. The key is being consistent, in whatever you do, long enough to see results. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10-minute workout if you can do it consistently, you will achieve your goals. We fall into the trap of thinking we have to go to the extreme on the diet and exercise tip for it to count. Not only is this not true, it’s also not sustainable. Eventually, you will kick the extreme plan and your results will disappear.

Results are only made permanent when we continue the activity that got us the results. So it doesn’t matter if you enroll in a grueling 30-day program. On day 31, when you start eating carbs and ditch the exercise, the progress will slow and eventually stop. It is wiser to choose a moderate program that you can stick to. Moderate exercise done daily is more effective than an intense workout done once in a week. Finding a workout regimen that you enjoy and are committed to be more important than dropping weight fast.

Begin to see your fitness journey as a lifestyle change. If you don’t plan on “100 burpees daily” being a part of your lifestyle, its best to leave it out of your workout regimen. Instead, pick an exercise that is fun and challenging. You’ll achieve your fitness goals in no time.

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