The return of the Nike Air Max 97’s

In preparation for today’s Nike Airmax 97 release, let’s take a look at the history of the Air Max 97 and a couple of outfits that would go along with the shoe.

The Air Max 97 was designed by Christian Tresser. With the design, Nike was able to separate themselves from the other sneaker companies by using a full length sole unit on the shoe. This technology was specifically designed for running adding more padding for the runner heel to toe. This was the first Air Sole developed specifically for running, furthering Nike’s reputation as a company of high performance footwear for runners.

The shoe became an instant hit among customers but not because it was a great running shoe, more so because of the unique design of the shoe.  This lead to the rerelease of the sneaker over 20 years later.

Decemeber 14, 2016 was the first time that the loved Air max was rereleased by Nike. Of course, the shoe sold out but lucky for us, Nike is releasing multiple color ways this week starting with a triple white pair today and continuing with the most anticipated pink snake skin colorway releasing on August 4th. Amongst these two pair include a gray pair, black, and regular pink.

Because of the design of the sneaker, the clothing options are left open. First let’s start with the girls. One way a female could possibly wear the sneaker would be to pair the Air Max with baggy camo pants for more of a 90’s nostalgic look and a vintage thrift tee and some cool shades.

Another look that would fit the sneaker includes a wild pant leg and matching crop top…this look is more so for a very chic female.

Switching over to the males, pairing the Air Max with the new tuxedo jogger pants and a cool tee would keep the outfit simple while adding more attention to the sneaker.

The cool thing about the Air Max 97 is that it is one of those sneaker designs that can be versatile. They are simple enough to wear an outrageous outfit with, as to not take away from the more flattering item, but also complicated enough where the simpler the outfit the better.

The Air Max 97 will always be a timeless sneaker that everyone needs at least one pair of in their closet. Check your local Nike retailer for updates on when each color way is releasing

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