The Versatility In Female Rappers Fashion Styles, Ranging From Left Eye To Megan Thee Stallion


We’ve seen many different styles in female rappers. Historically being a woman in Hip Hop like many other industries, you’re the underdog. A female rappers style plays a massive role in her life and how she is perceived. Let us go back and view how these styles have evolved.



Left Eye supplied the crazy of TLC, and her style was nothing short of that. She rocked Cross Colors and Karl Kani. Lisa often gave creative ideas for TLCs outfits and implemented the pop art tomboy swag of the 90s. She wore a condom over her left eye in the introduction of her career with TLC. This action was to promote safe sex but caused a bit of controversy. Left Eyes quirky style also consisted of big hats and extensive hair-dos with weave. Her rebellious and experimental mindset was present in her form, and it continued to evolve.



Queen Bee of Bad Boy, Lil Kim placed her stamp in hip hop with a very feminine appeal. She wore luxury brands and pushed the bar as far as it would go. Colorful wigs and tight silhouettes contrasted her hard delivery. Repping Bed-Stuy, she gave the culture an iconic outfit at the 1999 VMAs with a one-armed lavender body suit and pasty covering her left breast. She broke barriers with her confident appeal and influenced the next generations to come.



The leading lady of the Fugees, Lauryn Hill, created a classic hip hop/RnB album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Known for her raspy voice and her lyrical abilities Lauryn has given us nothing but gems. In the beginning of her career with the Fugees in the 90s  you’d often see Ms.Hill with a crop top (no bra of course) with oversized jackets. Very versatile, she gracefully pulled off accessories like bulky sneakers and snow goggles as well as dresses and spaghetti strap tees. However, Ms.Hills’ most notable feature would be her hair,  her afro and locs attributed to her soulful aesthetic.  She let her art speak for herself, and her style holds similar versatilely like the messages in her music.




Young MA walked into hip hop with her 2016 hit single “OOOUUU.” You may never see Young MA in a dress because she identifies on the more chill, androgynous side of fashion. The Brooklyn rapper often wears snapbacks and fitted caps. Gold chains drip like the braids that reach her shoulders and she more of a t-shirt and wife beater kind of girl. She told Vogue, “I’m not extravagant. I don’t care to wear the biggest designers or the most expensive things,” she says. “I like to be comfortable.” Young MA holds down the classic gangsta vibe, that is similar to her music of hustling and hood tales.



Newcomer Meg Thee Stallion dropped “Fever” in 2019, and she shook up the culture. She oozes women empowerment and sexiness. The Houston native brings southern flare and confidence.  She uses the name “stallion,” which is a term to describe “fine, tall girls.” You’ll find Hot Girl Meg in a patent leather leotard bodysuit and jewels or a bustier with knee-high boots. She pulls off an array of hair colors and styles and isn’t afraid to show off her figure. For the culture, Meg teaches twerk lessons on her IG live and encourages other women to embrace their sexualities and take control. We’re excited to see what else Meg is cooking up.


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