Theblacktongue Resorts to Violence with new Mixtape and Collection

What happens after theblacktongue’s highly successful 64 nights of christmas collection? The wild New York born and bred fashion house take a  trip to a few popular vacation towns within the state for the summer and continue their hooligan-esque activity. Their latest collection,Resort to Violence, serves as an end of the summer/early fall collection full of experimental graphic tees, hoodies, accessories and an outrageous pair of jeans.

The collection is inspired by their love for both heavy metal and hip-hop and based in violence and aggression. While most of their collections pull inspiration from both cultures/genres of music, the twist is in this approach to the creation of the garments and how it relates to the story of the collection as a whole. for this release, our references range from popular beach and board walk staples such as colored sunglasses and airbrushed items to dark, aggressive, and sometimes off-putting imagery that theblacktongue is known and loved (or hated) for.

Check out the full collection here along with the mixtape that sets the mood for your new outfit of the day.


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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