These 7 Cool and Comfortable Outfits are Perfect For Your Thanksgiving Travels

Braving the airports and train stations during the busiest travel time of year can be brutal. The last thing you want to think about is delays and travel drama but should they occur you’ll want to be ready with a comfy outfit to withstand whatever the universe brings. Traveling comfortably doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Lots of people have developed a “travel uniform,” i.e. the perfect combination of leggings or jeans, tees, sweaters, and hoodies. There a few key guidelines that will never let you down such as dressing in layers and wearing shoes that are quick to get on and off since TSA can be the beginning of a travel nightmare.

Whether you’re going casual or dressing to impress there are tons of ways to stay cute while en route to your dinner destinations. This season we’re taking cues from celebs and our very own downtown sweetheart as to how to put together our most stylishly travel-friendly outfits. Check them out below:

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As we mentioned layers are key on drafty planes where the temperature is unpredictable and inconsistent. Try this look and top a cropped tee with a comfy hoody and cozy car coat.

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If you’re traveling by land the weather may be an actual concern when you arrive. A printed puffer coat kills two birds with one stone, style and warmth.

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Pair a straight leg pant with a tee and your favorite kicks for this effortlessly comfortable look. Top it off with a cool printed jacket for a little bit edge and a lot of personality.

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Nothing says comfy like sweats! Take a page out of Rhianna’s book and go for a monochromatic look with a sweatsuit and matching suit jacket. Finish the look with your favorite sneakers.

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Here’s one for all the guys out there. Start with a relaxed feeling pair of black skinny jeans and add a graphic tee. No matter what your travel method a jacket is a good idea. Try a light jacket for a look that is casual and comfortable.

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For a different approach to black skinny jeans, top them with a matching button-up and boots. Sunglasses are also a travel must-have for early departures and delayed arrivals.

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Just in case you are headed straight to dinner from your travel you can bring back velour in an uber-comfortable tracksuit. Dress it up with accessories for the final dinner ready look.

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