Three Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Streaming Our #ArtistToWatch: Roddy Ricch

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Here’s who you should watch: Roddy Ricch

Antisocial Hit Maker

Compton native Roddy Ricch had a great year in 2019 landing features like “Balling” with DJ Mustard and dropping album “Excuse Me For Being Antisocial.” His #1 hit “The Box” became the second-highest streaming song after Mariah Careys “All I want for Christmas and Lil Nas X “Old Town Road.” The single also beat out Justin Bieber’s single “Yummy” which garnered a lot of media controversy. He’s definitely an artist to dig deeper into as a lot of his music tells stories of triumph through struggle. He differs from his contemporaries by combining street tales, with well written and executed melodies. He doesn’t use many ad-libs which can overpower the message of the music and doesn’t get grouped inside of the mumble-rap trope but still gives the same hype energy.


Roddy has three albums out,  dropping “Feed the Streets I and II” in 2017 and 2018 with notable records like “Fucc it up”, “Every Season”, and “Die Young.” “Dig Young” was another big hit that rocked radio and streaming services. There is a genuine tone in Roddy’s music with lines like “[I] was fightin’ the pressure, sippin’ syrup, I was movin’ slow…I was down below, but still, I always kept my head up” in Die Young which he told The Breakfast Club in an interview that he wrote those lyrics after the death of rapper XXXtentacion. Ricch is one of the many young rappers who experience the trauma of their peer’s death, especially through gun violence. Roddy was also featured on “Racks in the Middle” a track with the late rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot March 2019. Ricch often talks about his experience going to Jail and that being a major motivation for him to focus on music.


Roddy has a relatable and raw approach contrasted with great musicality which gives us what he calls “Rolls Royce” music. A sound that makes the listener feel as if they’re in a Rolls Royce. In all, Roddy deserves a spin or two simply because he checks off many of the boxes of not just a rapper but a well-rounded artist and lyricist. A lot of his tracks revisit his past conflicts with the law and how his environment shaped him. We’re anxious about what else he has to offer.

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