Throw It Back: Remembering SWV’s “You’re The One”


21 years ago today, the iconic girl group, SWV, charted Billboard’s top ten with their hit song, “You’re The One.” The track was written by the three members of the group with the help of producer Allen Gordon.

“You’re The One” is what today’s society would call ‘the ultimate side chick anthem’ as the group sung lyrics like:

I know that you’re somebody else’s guy. But these feelings that I have for you I can’t deny.”

Selling 900,000 copies, “You’re The One” went certified gold–putting an added stamp on the overall success of the group.

Now, I’d always hear mom singing to SWV as I sat in the backseat, nodding my head to the beat, but I never understood what I was really listening to until years later. And well, let’s just say this was one of those songs I shouldn’t have been nodding to.

“You’re The One” is one of the many songs that helped the group raise to fame. Although its lyrical content could be looked at negatively, the success of the song was undeniable.

With their catchy lyrics, smooth dance moves, and undeniable talent, SWV became one of the most successful R&B groups of the ’90s . Let’s remember their greatness by taking a listen to our throw back pick, “You’re The One.”

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