THROWBACK: A Tribe Called Quest – “Scenario”


Scenario” is the third single from A Tribe Called Quest’s second album The Low End Theory. This jam was an instant classic. Recorded in 1991, released in 1992,  featuring not only A Tribe Called Quest (RIP Phife Dawg), but also; Leaders of the New School and a breakout performance by LONS member Busta Rhymes.


The music video, directed by Jim Swaffield, plays on an interactive desktop, and features cameo appearances by Spike Lee, De La Soul, Brand Nubian, Fab 5 Freddy and Redman.



The Notorious B.I.G. sampled the final line of Kid Hood’s verse, “I’m a bad bad man” in his song, Gimme the Loot.

Afrika Bambaataa sampled Busta Rhymes’ line, “Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind,” for his 1993 single “Zulu War Chant”

Barenaked Ladies reworked Busta Rhymes line “Chickity-choco, the chocolate chicken” into “Chickity China the Chinese chicken” for their 1998 hit “One Week”.

Busta Rhymes recycled his line “Uh Uh Uh / All over the track, man / As I come back” in the chorus for his 2001 single As I Come Back.

West Coast hip hop group Black Hippy covered the song in 2009, with their own original lyrics.

Nicki Minaj quotes Busta Rhymes’ famous line, “Rawr, rawr, like a dungeon dragon”, in her 2010 song “Roman’s Revenge”. Busta Rhymes appeared on the song’s remix, quoting additional lines from his “Scenario” verse and referring to himself as “the original dungeon dragon”.

Beastie Boys member Mike D similarly quotes Busta Rhymes’ verse in the song “The Brouhaha” on their 2004 album To the 5 Boroughs.

Parts of the song are sampled and referenced lyrically in the song “Who’s That? Brooown!” by rap group Das Racist. Particularly LONS member Charlie Brown’s lines.

The song was featured in the soundtrack of the video game True Crime: New York City and NBA 2K15. The song was also featured in the 2015 film Dope.

The song was performed in the 2015 film Pitch Perfect 2 by the cast.

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