THROWBACK: Vashtie & Kid Cudi “When Lines Are Crossed” Short Film (2008)


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 8 years this month since me and Kid Cudi were bored one Friday night before heading out to my party (“Open” at Santos with Q-Tip) and decided to have some fun with the video camera on my Macbook.

Those days were much simpler. Social media was limited to Myspace and Twitter. The scene was WAY smaller…and not over-run with clones upon clones, biting people with original style. Back then, you took time to actually be original. Now it seems like everyone just previews social media like a personality menu and picks and chooses what their look is for the season (sorry, just being honest and pompous – I guess). I was also simpler back then. I never owned or wore makeup, I wore the same smelly denim chambray shirt and cut off shorts…mortified of being in front of cameras and attending social events. I was also super introverted and learned in the past 8 years how to be more social…and how to be a professional/business person and not just a weirdo artist. We also all had time to kick it with each other in those days. Now, I’m lucky if I get to see any of these people in passing. I long for these days sometimes…but it’s important to always appreciate the now.


Anyways, we made this unscripted video for fun and had no idea how it would turn out. Some facts to note…I was, actually, writing a concept to direct a video for his then song “Heaven At Nite” (which, I did end of up directing – but despite the video being scrapped, it is still found on the internet). Also, Elle Clay was on set and actually gets that Blackberry thrown in her face. It made for a funny blooper, that had to be cut out, but you can almost see a portion of Cudi’s laughter still kept in the cut. This was also pre-“How To Make It In America” when all of our friends learned how incredible of an actor/comedian Cudi is.

If you have seen this, then this might be a throwback delight. If not, get ready for some giggles!

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