Tinashe Confirms Britney Spears Collaboration Is On The Way

Music vixens, Tinashe and Britney Spears have confirmed their musical union on social media. Per the clues in their captions, Tinashe will be appearing on a new edition of Britney’s single “Slumber Party” from her 2016 album Glory. This is an exciting feature, especially for Tinashe, who deems Brit her idol.

So, why not take a look down memory lane at the top five best Britney collabs as we anticipate the sounds and visuals for “Slumber Party”?

5. Make Me feat. G Eazy

In the latest feature, Britney adopts a more smooth soundscape instead of trendy EDM. The song is gentle and gives off more of a feeling and mood with its grooves more than its lyrics. The video also pairs well with its femme hypnotic melodies and boasts a few bars from the Bay Area’s own up and coming rapper, G Eazy.
4. Scream and Shout by Will.i.am feat. Britney Spears

Ok, this is not a song from a Britney album, but it’s so damn good and witty and chill. How could we not include it? Britney with a faux British accent on a Will.i.am track sends listeners into a futuristic Tron like trance–one equipped with cutting edge tech and bossy robots. And by robots, we mean Brit telling us to “turn this shit up.”

3. I Got That Boom Boom feat. The Yin Yang Twins

After the explosion of The Ying Yang twins left music in a debris ridden setting with their hits “Get Low” and “Salt Shaker”, Britney employed their talents on her now classic album In The Zone. The track is straight fire and does something pop music of that time rarely did–organically merges crunk and pop to create a seamless feature.

2. Boys feat. Pharrell

When it comes to Britney Spears’ timeline, I’m a little biased. Nothing beats my love for early Britney, this spans from Baby, One More Time to Blackout–yes, Blackout. Her best album and also hugely underrated. The time period was like lightning in a bottle. “Boys” was the final single from Spears’ self-titled, Britney album. It was produced by Pharell and Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D. This sexy track catapulted Britney as a serious adult contender and assisted in moving Pharrell from a discrete producer to the face of his brand.
1. Me Against The Music feat. Madonna

As the first single off In The Zone, Britney outdid herself with this iconic treat. I remember staying up late the night this debuted on MTV’s Making The Video. It felt imperative to witness in real time with the rest of the world. Every generation has a few legends, and I couldn’t miss seeing one of ours join forces with Madonna. This is the stuff fans usually only dream about. And on top of that, dream of it being executed perfectly to a ‘T’. This was it, in every way, shape and form. The beat and lyrics compliment both soft voiced songtresses and also lives up to the inherited feel good pop music we know and love Britney for. Did I mention that damn dance scene? I think I watched TRL everyday so I could get it down. Hands down the Queen and Princess of Pop made fire with this one.


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