Today’s Hip Hop Correlates Music with Fashion through Personal Style

Over the years, Hip-Hop has emerged itself into the fashion world. There now is a thin line between high fashion and the Hip-Hop culture itself. Artist are now brand ambassadors and who the world looks to to find a new trend.  The correlation between the two is inevitable as rappers incorporate fashion into their daily life and even their music. A$AP Rocky has a song dedicated to the designer Raf Simmons, Lil Yacthy is the creative director of Nautica, Young Thug uses fashion to break barriers by dressing in women’s clothes, and many other rappers have taken wind to the fashion industry. What artists talk about in their music often goes hand in hand with their style image.

Lil’ Kim was one of the first well-loved women rappers of her kind. She rapped NSFW lyrics about sex that wasn’t done before. To go along with that she dressed more provocatively than any other female rapper at the time. Creating her own lane in the fashion world by making a new statement that it’s okay for women to show off their body, rap what they want, and still look nice in high end clothes. Early on in her career, she’d be spotted hugging Giorgio Armani while dressed in a thong-baring black chainmail dress. In 2005 she attended the Met Gala on the arm of her close friend Marc Jacobs. Lil’Kim went on to inspire other female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Trina.

When Nicki first hit the scene, she often resembled Barbie and effortlessly captured her persona. She rapped in different voices and her outfits went along. She would be seen in a different colored wing and crazy outfits as if she was a different person.

Atlanta rap group Migos took toward the male perspective head on and correlated their music with how they dressed. At first, they started their career with songs that all sounded similar with the same adlibs, beats, repetitive hook about the trap and they dressed in the same outfits. They rocked the simple plain t-shirt and baggy  designer jeans. Now, few years after they have been in the game, the Migos music has progressed and so has their style. They now rap about all the designer clothes they can wear including Gucci and Fendi.

The west coast has its own style and feel of everything. Their style of music is unique to them and let’s just say it goes along with their style of dress too.  Snoop Dogg has a chill kind of vibe to his music and chill kind of style. He sticks to his pants, bandana, and converse. The same style of music and dress carries on to younger west coast artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Kamaiyah, and YG, although YG’s music is a little more gangster. Wiz has been able to take the west coast style and turn it into the high fashion scene over the past couple years becoming one of the trendsetters.

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