travel: HELLO BROOKLYN…in search of west indian food!

SATURDAY afternoon we planned to take a trip to BROOKLYN to purchase some classic TRINIDADIAN food and by “purchase” i mean stocking up on food like it’s Y2K. you just can’t find these amazing meals in MANHATTAN 🙁

just for the record, i usually don’t leave the hood because i am lazy. i will travel if there is a promise of FOOD because i’m such a fat kid at heart. this post is dedicated to my FELLOW FATTIES, BROOKLYN PEEPS and WEST INDIAN FAM!

*as we walked by this barber shop we heard KID CUDI’s “DAY N’ NITE” and we gagged! had to take a picture.

*i didn’t want to interrupt this cute little old lady’s nap, but i needed to take a photo of the restaurant

*i’m going to legally change my name to HOT ROTI. actually, i’ll just keep my current nickname of LITTLE ROTI. check out my stance, only old men crouch down like that – haha.

*we stocked up on COCONUT BAKE (coconut bread), SALTFISH (is tastier than it sounds), CURRY GOAT ROTI’s (again, more appetizing than it sounds), DOUBLES (god’s gift), POULOURIE, and ALOO PIE. i’m going to get into a post later about TRINIDAD and all it’s goodness.

*on the way back we caught the REDBULL BIG AIR snowboard setup. it looked insane from the bridge.

*DOUBLES – it’s like 2 pieces of fried bread with curried chick peas (CHANA). it’s the tastiest snack and in TRINIDAD they sell these on the street like hot dogs. they’re also super super cheap.

*i was dancing the whole time i was eating and getting my plate ready. the round balls are POULOURIE – like fried dough balls in a tamarind sauce. at the bottom is ALOO PIE – it’s a fried bread (again) with peppered potatoes inside.

*SALTFISH and COCONUT BAKE. all this food brings me back to eating at home. my mom would crank out these dishes everyday.

*TING is so good. you could hook an IV bag into my arm filled with this grapefruit soda and i would be as happy as a lamb.

***LATER, i passed out and took an ill 5 hour nap!

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