Cinematic Hip-Hop By Way Of Busta Rhymes

From his threads to defining what it meant to implement fun into his art, Busta Rhymes is the true show and tell of hip hop.

Born in Brooklyn, NY and named by Chuck D after the NFL player George “Buster” Rhymes, it didn’t take long for us to recognize that the MC was the secret ingredient to battle rap. Rhymes first started out in the 1990s rapping with the Leaders of the New School and making special guest appearances in videos and on album interludes for groups from Tribe Called Quest Big Daddy Kane’s  to Mary J Blige.

In 1996, the MC released his debut album The Coming that fused dancehall production with Hip-Hop, The Imperial as part of the Flipmode Squad. The rappers in Flipmode were Rampage, Lord Have Mercy, Spliff Star, Rah Digga and Baby Sham. Busta ruled the 2000’s with his unique rhyming and in-your face visuals. He embodoed the kind of aggression that makes you wanna jump (literally).

From featuring the iconic Monique and Kym Whitely in his videos to starring in a range of movies to making iconic hits with Mariah Carey, Pharrell, Janet Jackson, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and so many more. No matter what you ever heard or saw from Busta, he always manages to grab our attention.

20 strong years in the game and Rhymes continues to design his videos like films and spit his rhymes like he’s narrating a story.  Here are Busta’s top 5 videos that made us say “Woo-hah” and label him as the “Dangerous” Bus-A-Bus:


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