A Tribute To Designer, Actress And All Around Visionary: Sofia Coppola

As an icon in filmmaking, she is known for aesthetically beautiful films which centre around young women.  The third woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director -Coppola is an inspiring force who has paved the way for countless other women in film. Outside of directing, she has worked as an actress and she has also created a clothing line, Milkfed, which is sold exclusively in Japan. Here are our top five favorite Sofia Coppola films:

5. The Bling Ring

Named after the gang of teen criminals, Sofia adapted the story of the Bling Ring into a feature film. The movie focuses on the real life teens who broke into celebrity homes in the late-2000s. While this is not her most famous movie, the star studded cast (including Emma Watson) made for a whirlwind adventure, and the film piqued our interest in the case. Paris Hilton also made an appearance (as herself), after being robbed by the real life Bling Ring.

4. Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation follows the connection between two people (played by Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray) who meet in Japan. Because they meet in a country where their language (English) is not understood, interpretation and language are considered to be important elements to the film. Set in Tokyo, the film’s aesthetics and cinematography are considered to be some of the most beautiful of all time.

3. Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is most famous for its lavish costumes and the depiction of Marie Antoinette as a bored teenager. Set to a soundtrack of modern music, the film follows the infamous queen in the years leading up to the French revolution. The film features numerous historical inaccuracies, such as a shot of a pair of converse laying with Marie’s shoes, which were added on purpose by Coppola to allow the audience to understand Marie as a teenager.

2. Somewhere

Released in 2010, Somewhere depicts the life of a successful actor that faces a life change when his ex-wife disappears. She leaves their 11 year-old daughter in his care and it becomes a struggle to balance fatherhood and fame.

1.The Virgin Suicides


The Virgin Suicides is arguably Sofia Coppola’s most iconic film. Starring Kirsten Dunst, it follows the lives of four sisters and their untimely death. The film is known for its aesthetics, and it is regarded as one of the best fashion films of our generation. This film set the bar for Coppola’s future work and is an important part of American cinema.

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