Trust Us, Add an Empath to Your Friend Circle.

Wellness is generally thought of in terms of mental and physical health but the one form we often forget is emotional health. In thinking of emotional health, the term empath comes to mind. You may never have heard the word out loud but more than likely you’ve met a few empaths (though they are rare!) in your life. Being an empath means you are highly empathetic and can sense/feel what people around you are thinking and feeling. In short, it means you are an emotional sponge which can be both a good and bad thing.

Vlad, an empath

Empaths tend to be hypersensitive to the emotions and energy around them but that doesn’t mean that they are highly sensitive people. There is a big difference between those two. As an empath you are compassionate and understanding, you listen to others and feel their joy and their pain. It also means you tend to take on the feelings around you, be they good or bad, as your own. Some empaths may even feel the physical pain others incur. Intuition, perceptiveness and emotional intelligence are core traits for empaths, and because of this, they can understand thoughts and feelings from other perspectives instead of their own. Often putting the needs of others in front of theirs.

Ultimately wanting to alleviate the pains and stressors of those around them even at the expense of their own emotional health. This is where it can get difficult. Empaths have a generous heart but sometimes they give too much. But there is a good side, empaths are the actual medicine the world needs. They are great listeners and will always be there for friends in need. Their care is genuine, and their compassion is real. They’ll be the best friends and partners, and true empaths will have a profound impact on anyone they meet.

Like anything in life, balance is key. As an empath that may come hard but here are a few tips to help you stay leveled:

1) Set boundaries with people and learn to say no.

2) Exercise self-compassion and treat yourself the way you treat others.

3) Practice mindfulness and set aside time to meditate and recharge.

4) Assess the room and try to keep your surroundings peaceful so you do not get overwhelmed.

5) Kill your inner critic and try your best not to give into self-attacks.

Balanced health, including mental, physical and emotional is the best way to unlock good wellness. And though it is more of a journey than a trip the destination is certainly worth the effort.


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