Tyler, The Creator breaks out the Flower Boy tracks and icebreaker at Tiny Desk Concert


When it comes to Tiny Desk Concert, they’re known for giving their audience a highly personal experience of seeing and hearing they’re favorite rising and mainstream artist’s songs and personality. Some artists that we’ve gotten a peak at this semester have included Noname Gypsy, King Krule, D.R.A.M., BADBADNOTGOOD, and as of recently, Tyler, The Creator.

Recently the Flower Boy himself visited the  Tiny Desk Concert platform to perform tracks like “Boredom”, “See You Again”, and “Glitter”. During his performance, he decided to spice it and allow a couple freestyle moments. One of those moments included asking his back up singers (Kaye and Kiandra) to insert a mini freestyle ballad during “Boredom” which came out pretty amazing. Another moment that he did to make his performance more inclusive was doing an icebreaker at the end for all his band members and giving out shout-outs to certain audience members. Tyler also admitted that he typically doesn’t like performing with bands but that his band in particular had swayed his opinion and opened up a opportunity for him to create something dope for the people watching regardless of his vocals. This tiny desk concert performances was definitely one of the best of this year but what better way for you to judge than to actually peep it yourself? Peep Tyler’s latest performance below.


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