Tyler,The Creator is dropping a new converse this month

Last year, some of the must have sneakers consisted of creations by Nike, Adidas, and yes Converse. Last year Tyler, the Creator recreated a silhouette with Converse (post Vans), that perfectly matched  the Flower Boy’s attention to detail and flagrant aesthetic. Last November, Golf Le Fleur Converse (inspired by his love for skating, innovative take on fashion, and intricate taste) caught the attention of many. Tyler’s Converse recreation consisted  of  yellow suede material,  a flower design in replacement of the classic converse star, and has a floral bottom. Before the November release, he initially launched his Converse collab on August 3rd that came in a range of  four different colors and held the original converse star design.

Even though we are just now jumping into 2018, Tyler is keeping that same energy. Tyler is set to release his Golf Le Fleur Converse in multiple color-ways from geranium pink to a Lilly green and even turquoise versions of the Converse on January 18th. People that have recently raved about the sneaker include Vashtie herself, and even Kanye West’s barber and friend Ibn Japser. The Converse is set to be available at Golf Wang’s flagship store, on it’s site, and  in various Converse locations.  For now , peep what the Flower Boy will be releasing below:



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