The ultimate IKEA collab: An internet love story for the culture

Back in April, everyone  including the world of social media caught wave of Balenciaga‘s latest leather bag priced over $2,000 that strikingly resembled the $0.99 blue bag sold through IKEA. As a joke the internet took it in their own hands to create their own collab, photo-shopping every necessary accessory and item of a hypebeast which included the Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s. After Ikea communicated a couple jokes through their recent ads and the floatation of various photoshops, Norwood Chapters decided to make the pullover come to life by using real 0.99 Frakta bags and Mache (a very important eye in the sneaker community) decided to hop on the IKEA wave and honor one of those photoshops as well  (created by brucehatoo) and turned the imagined IKEA Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s into a reality.

Since the internet, Norwood Chapters, and Mache have put the world of IKEA into their own hands, it has ironically led into a collaboration with designer and visionary Virgil Abloh. Four months ago, he announced to Columbia University that his fashion line Off-White would be teaming up with a furniture design company and low and behold, he was referencing the Swedish company. Just days ago, the collaboration  was confirmed when  the company held it’s annual Democratic Design Days (where they inform the public on what’s to come for the rest of the year) and announced alongside Abloh on stage that the collaboration has the intention of making young people’s first home “more personal, yet inexpensive”. Virgil (who’s college background revolves around architecture) also mentioned that this collaboration is for those young people who are anxious to live with design in tight spaces.

As an individual who was educated through the images of Tumblr but never being  able to witness them in real life, the creative director and architect of fashion and the Swedish furniture company are now placing those visions in their own hands. Who knew that the  jokes around an IKEA knockoff in the internet world would ironically lead to fulfilling the actual lifestyle needs of our generation ? This is truly a love story for the culture.

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