Vashtie, Bobby Hundreds and Jeff Staples Have Streetwear Talk via Complex

Recently Complex debuted their  sixth episode of Complex Conversations series called the   “Thread Trajectory: Future of Streetwear,” that took place at the first annual ComplexCon  in which aw panel was held that featured some of the best faces to talk about the subject including our downtown sweetheart Vashtie , Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds , and the one and only Jeff Staples of Staple Design and  hosted by Complex’s own Karizza Sanchez.

During the panel, the streetwear icons chop it up about the non existence of high fashion seeping into streetwear in the past and the ways of how streetwear is breaking barriers now. The panelists also talk about what it means for streetwear to go mainstream, as well as some gem advice and tips on how aspiring creatives can make their own mark in the industry.

Hopefully there will be another panel from these three again at the next Complexcon , but for now enjoy the discussion here.




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