Vashtie Creates the Perfect Cardio Playlist for SELF Magazine

The life of a disc jockey is not conducive to your typical healthy lifestyle. Spending hours in the club means a sporadic sleep schedule, and traveling two to three times per month can make it tough to maintain a steady workout regimen. But celeb-favorite DJ and music video director Vashtie Kola—who has worked with Solange, Drake, and Justin Bieber—finds a couple hours each day to devote to exercise and meditation. At the launch of LG’s new Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches, the downtown sweetheart shared her healthy-living secrets with SELF, including her go-to cardio routine that you can do anywhere. And, of course, we got her top 10 heart-pumping songs, too.

Read full article here via SELF and listen to Vashtie’s playlist below.