VashtieDotCom Feature: Meet Tito Anton, The Founder of The Revival, NYC’s Next Big Thing

As a lover of both music and food, I couldn’t help but notice an event that popped up on my Instagram timeline earlier this month. The Revival is a monthly music event that gathers a small group of music lovers to listen and appreciate the music of the chosen artist of the month. Hosted by Tito Anton, The Revival is held at the Urban Vegan Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in New York City. This month The Revival is featuring the music from Kid Cudi’s first studio album, Man on the Moon: End of Day and I didn’t think twice about purchasing a ticket.

So I reached out to Mr. Anton to learn more about himself, The Revival and why he choose, “The Chosen One.”

Who is Tito Anton?

TA: I am by trade, a music producer. I’ve been producing music for the last 10-15 years. I released a project a year and a half ago. I am basically a music lover. 

Where did the idea to start The Revival come from?

TA: I always loved the idea of book clubs, the only problem is I don’t really enjoy reading too much. But I do enjoy music, so I figured there’s a lack of community where it comes down to listening to music and the way people digest music. Now is kind of like–“Yeah, I listen to it off by myself, in my headphones for 30 seconds, and then it’s on to the next one.” I’m creating a community where it’s like ‘let’s take a step back and listen to an album, full length on vinyl.’ Which the music sounds better, anyway. I felt like it was a good thing. 

Last month, you showcased Lauryn Hill, and this month you are showcasing Kid Cudi. What is the process of choosing your Artist of the month?

TA: So for Lauryn Hill, my wife felt like because, in February, we celebrate Valentine’s day, why not talk about love, and Lauryn’s album was super dope. So we choose that album. The first album that I wanted to do was Kid Cudi because Kid Cudi is my favorite artist. I feel like when I vibe and listen to his music, I’m reading my own diary. So he was going to be the first artist, but because it was February, we started with Lauryn Hill. So Kid Cudi was automatically the first artist. We try to create a music club and we want to get input from members and the people in attendance. For example, the owner of the restaurant (Urban Vegan Kitchen), suggested A Tribe Called Quest, so that’s going to be the next event.

So you stated that Kid Cudi is your favorite artist, and you are showcasing his first album ‘Man on the moon: End of the day’, an album most feel is one of his best work. What made you choose this particular album from the rest of his work?

TA: That was a tough one because originally I wanted to showcase ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’.’ But MOTM really sets the tone for his career. And the intro {In my dreams} there is a spoken word piece by Common that I feel is really powerful. And it really captivates him as a person and an artist. So I felt like MOTM was the best way to go. 

You said that you feel that the sound quality on vinyl is better. Do you feel that the love for vinyl records are making a comeback and music lovers are re-appreciating the sound or have it always been there and people are just late for the party?

TA: Yeah, I think people are late for the party. Now music is consumed in a different way. You can buy an album on iTunes, and listen to it on your phone. As prior to before, when you had to go to the store and listen to the record. The vinyl — it’s a fact that vinyl sounds better. The way it’s recorded. MP3s are created in a [certain] way, they take out from the bottom and the top, as far as frequencies. It sounds different.


So The Revival will be hosted at the Urban Vegan Kitchen and there will be vegan dishes served at the event. Have you always had a vision to be vegan-friendly?

TA: No. Originally we thought about having the event at a [recording] studio. Which when people would show up, they would know it was a music event. But one of our team members decided in November to go vegan and a  friend of mines owns UVK, and we decided to go and have a meeting there. And on the way there I saw a record store and so the idea came back to my mind, ” maybe the music club thing.” And we had a meal there and the vibe was pretty dope, so we bounced around with the idea to host it there. So it wasn’t intended to be at that location, but it just kind of happened that way.  

Courtesy of Tito Anton’s Instagram

Now the menu for the event is on Instagram, and the menu looks very appetizing. Who is responsible for putting the menu together, was it yourself, the owners of the restaurant or a joint effort?

TA: The owner [of Urban Vegan Kitchen] is very open to the event. So we chose what we wanted to put on the menu. Myself, my wife and my partner decided that we wanted these items and put it together. 

And is this the official menu for the event or will there be dishes rotating each month?

TA: For the most part this will be the official menu. I know for every event we are going to try to do a specific dish. So I am pretty sure that the waiter will reference that. 

What are your expectations for The Revival? What are you trying to give back to the music lovers attending your event?

TA: It’s really about creating a community and a personal experience especially with an artist like Kid Cudi. For example at the Lauryn Hill event, we advertised the next event for Kid Cudi and some of the attendees never heard of him and his music. So it is really good at exposing people to things that they never heard before. I feel music is treated differently. Like if you go to an exhibition for an artist, like a painter, you don’t see half a painting or one painting, you see an exhibition. The same thing with MOTM, let’s listen to the whole thing and talk about it. So that’s another portion of the event. There’s a conversation piece, where we go around the room and speak about it and get the thoughts and feelings of those in attendance.

Do you think you will be open to showcasing musicians of today, sticking to a certain era of music or going with the flow each month?

TA: There are so many artists. And as I stated before we are open to suggestions from those who attend the events. It’s not a dictatorship, per say, if someone wants to suggest an artist and we like their music, then yeah why not? As a musician myself, I am open to that. And the purpose of The Revival is to be able to get feedback from music lovers. And in my creative process, I could use that as well. 


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