#VashtieMusic: Cuco’s Drops His Debut Album ‘Para Mi’

The 1st generation Mexican producer/singer/rapper/artist known as Cuco has been making waves underground since early 2016. Though you may not have heard his psychedelic laced ballads of love until more recently when he joined Interscope records and released his debut album Para Mi last month.

Cuco proclaims he was a professional partier in college, and listening to his soulful lyrics about drugs and binge drinking it’s hard to disagree. But it is also hard to deny the musical talent and passion that each single, ep and album track delivers. His sound is eclectic and unique yet soothing. You can almost feel the heartache and the angry annoyance fueled by a love lost that has inspired most of the tracks. Through his music Cuco has aimed to showcase a modern version of Chicano Style that is relevant for generations today. All though Chicano culture is unknown to many outside the Southwestern states, Cuco has gained a strong fan base across the country and around the world. With lyrics of loneliness and desire the music draws on emo and indie-pop preferences and has elements of sentiment.

Aside from the growing list above, one of the many interesting things about Cuco is his ability to infuse components of his Mexican heritage with the lo-fi sounds that have become synonymous to west coast alternative music. The track “Best Friend” on Para Mi, opens with the samba like sounds of a string guitar before Cuco softly sings over the beat. The song is about a love that developed from friendship and is one of the many in Cuco’s body of work that showcases his appreciation for his culture. His first single titled Lo Que Siento, where Cuco blends Spanish raps with crooning love lyrics is intoxicating, and was the hit that skyrocketed Cuco to streaming fame. The vibe that Cuco began developing in his college dorm room spread like a wildfire through CA and he gained a strong and loyal online following. In 2016 he dropped his first mixtape Wannabewithu on streaming platforms like Spotify, and became a regular performer dominating the festival scene. With ease he hyped crowds with his alternative sound and presence. As his popularity and fan base grew talks of joining a major label swirled around the underground artist, but Cuco was quoted stating he would only be interested in a label “if they come through with whatever terms” he’d send them. So it was interesting to hear of his deal with Interscope and exciting to look forward to his major label debut. The debut did not disappoint, each track full of the weird band geek vibes that Cuco effortlessly oozes. The album was produced in full by Cuco and recorded entirely in his parents’ garage, and with full creative control fans should look forward to his continued growth and eclectic musical rise.

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