Vashtie is bringing her New York charm to Chicago for this year’s Lollapalooza. It’s a weekend full of live music, good vibes and dancing in the sun. Fun fact, this is a first for her, as she’s never been to a music festival before, shocking!  Festivals can be thrilling and electrifying but also draining if not properly prepared. You’ve been in your bag all Summer. Now be sure to throw in these Vashtie essential items to get ready for a busy weekend of festival fun!

Akila by Vashtie Sunglasses

You can accessorize with a cute pair of Sunny’s to protect your eyes from the sun or to hide the fact that you’re low-key lit!

This summer has been super hot! So if you plan on seeing your favorites during a music festival, this spray will keep your face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and moisturized while you’re outside for long periods of time!

You know exactly why you’ll need one of these, to keep cool in that Summer heat!

Despite popular belief, we should all be using sunscreen! Whether your black, white, brown, or purple. The sun can do significant damage to your skin. Sunscreen can be annoying, smelly, and leave a weird gray cast on darker skin, but this one doesn’t. Vashtie loves this sunscreen because it’s lightweight, gives you a natural summer glow, and it smells great!  You can get it at Sephora or order online!

Music festivals aren’t the most sanitized places. You’re meeting new people, using port-a-potties and potentially sweating outside for hours. It can be germs galore, so staying sanitized is essential. Vashtie prefers this brand over the typically bottled sanitizer because you can literally wipe the germs off onto the towelette. It’s just like washing your hands!

Of course, we couldn’t pull up to the festival without our favorite Supreme fanny pack! Carrying a large bag all day at a festival sounds like a NO. Be sure to get yourself a little bag and only pack your essentials.

What are your music festival essentials? Comment below or tell us on Twitter or IG: @VashtieDotCom

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