Vashtie’s Parisian Favorites

Paris, the city of lights and love. Home to an overflow of exquisite culture, art, fashion, and above all history. This city is admired by many, and a longing destination for most. While we’re all waiting to check it off our bucket list, Vashtie has made Paris her home away from home. Occasionally catching flights and even a train or two from cities like London, to sit and attend different events, such as this years men’s fashion week. Traveling to new places allows you welcome their culture and all that is has to offer you. The list can go on as to what are the best things the city of Paris has to offer us, but here are a few of Vashtie’s favorites that could kick-start your Parisian vibes and eventually be yours too.

Vashtie’s Parisian Favorites:

1.“À bout de souffle”by Godard: This timeless piece brought about a new French wave to cinematic films. A story of your typical “bad guy” who runs into a bit of trouble, looking for the help of his one and only true love; hoping she will soon be willing to run away with him.

2. “Rouge et Bleu” by Booba ft. Kalash: Don’t speak French? That’s ok. The beat and rhythm alone makes you forget you never did. The eclectic vibes that derives from this track puts it in the category of being top 5 on our Parisian playlist.

3. Billy Madison Learning French Scene: Learning a different language isn’t the easiest thing in the book, but if you add a little humor and optimism to it, it just may go a little something like this clip from Billy Madison starring Adam Sandler.

4. The French Kiss by The Plymptoons: This animated short story narrates an illustrative look on the different types of kisses there are, and in the most elaborative way on how to actually do them. Pucker up, its time to put Plymptoons lessons to work.


5. Tracee Ellis Ross in Kanye’s “The New Workout Plan” Video, Being a French Woman: Auntie Tracie takes on the role of a French women who just copped Kanye’s workout plan, and gives us the rundown on why we should cop it too. If the perfect accent doesn’t make you love this women any more than you already should, then I don’t know what will.

6. “A Very Long Engagement”: Love can make you do and believe in the impossible. This is a story of a young women who doesn’t believe her fiancé has been killed in the war. Who then, makes it her duty to search for him, while discovering disturbing truths about the French army.

The idea of traveling may come with a stigma, but in reality any and everyone should be able to catch a plane to wherever you want to go. Vashtie was just your average New Yorker, who manifested the current lifestyle she wanted for herself; which has the perks of flying to and from anywhere and creating dope content. Her current short-film debuted recently, giving us a mix of the best of Vashtie’s both worlds, “French New York Wave.” Check it out below along with her many Parisian favorites to enjoy. Ciao.

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