#VashtieVitals: The Benefits of Massage Therapy and Quick Massages To Do At Home

What Aromatherapy Massage Can Do for You

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It’s National Massage Day! Wellness is key and massage can be a big game changer for your physical and mental health. In celebration, of one of our favorite ways to stay Zen, we’re doling out a few benefits of massages, and quick tips on self-massage to help you get your mind, body and spirt all the way right and in tune with one another.

By definition a massage is the act or art of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, patting, to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness and relieve tension. An act that used to be reserved for luxury spas and high-end health clubs. However, massage therapy has become more accessible and affordable and these days you can reap the benefits of a good massage from an airport local parlor. See some of the benefits below.

Physical Health

Reduce Pain: One of the main benefits of massage is pain reduction. Through massage therapy you can alleviate sore and stiff muscles that cause pain throughout the body.

Improve Flexibility: Massages are meant to loosen and relax your muscles which helps your body to move freely and easily.

Reduce Body Toxins: By rubbing and stimulating muscle tissue you can aid your body in the natural release of toxins.

Improve Immunity: Through stimulation of the lymph nodes, found in the head, neck and armpit region, you can give your immune system a much-needed boost.

Mental Health

Alleviate Depression & Anxiety: Massages can aid in the release of feel good endorphins in your body that will help you feel energized, relaxed and calm.

Reduce Stress: It’s known that stress can induce tightness and muscle tension but it can also be the other way around. By relieving some of the physical tightness of worn muscles you can also reduce your stress.

Improve Sleep: Massages don’t just physically relax your muscles, they encourage them along with your body to rest.

Reduce Fatigue: Loosened muscles promote a healthy sleep cycle which will leave you feeling well rested and less tired throughout the day.


How To DIY Self-Massage

With all these benefits you might want to take advantage and delve into the act of self-massage. With a quick neck rub or the help of some tennis balls you can give yourself an alleviating massage and promote positive vibes.

Neck and Shoulders

Good For: Those you spend hours crouched over a laptop

How to: Drop your neck and lower your shoulders, relaxing the muscles. Lower your chin so that it rests on your chest and stretches your neck. Next place fingertips on the back of your neck where your neck and shoulders meet and press firmly. Release to feel the muscle relax and ease of tension.

Hands and Forearms

Good For: Soreness from texting and typing

How To: Place one arm palm up on top of your thigh. Take your other palm and push the heel slowly down your relaxed forearm all the way through your fingertips. Repeat and then switch arms.

Lower Back

Good For: Those who spend hours sitting

How To: Position a tennis ball between your lower back and a wall. Slowly move your body up, down and side to side allowing the ball to massage the muscles in your lower back.

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