Vegan Doubles, A West Indian Cuisine

Doubles (curry chickpeas and spicy flatbread) are of the most prominent Trini Street Snack/ sandwich and has become the epitome of the Caribbean food culture.

This treat is deep fried and completely vegan! When you think of vegan food, you don’t expect to be that full or spending any less than 10 dollars.

Well, this Caribbean favorite goes for less than your average slice of New York City pizza. And it’s a must have that connects Vashtie to her West Indian roots. As the daughter of Trinidadian parents, she is extremely proud of her heritage and especially proud of this dish.

In the islands of Trinidad and Tobago more than half of the population is of West Indian descent, and these doubles have clear Indian roots. The filling consists of spiced chickpea curry called channa that is infused with a blend of spices. Which then sits in a round flatbread aka bara and is best served when fried (the yellow tint is from turmeric).

Peep Vashtie handing out vegan doubles at her #GlobalGetdown birthday bash, courtesy of Triniciti Roti Shop & Restaurant in Queens, NY.

To try these doubles at home, you can find the recipe here.

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