#VeganEats: Blossom Du Jour Express


About two months ago, an old co-worker of mine told me about Blossoms. I was impressed since he wasn’t a vegan or a vegetarian but was recommending a vegan restaurant to me. After doing some research of my own I realized that Blossoms was one of those restaurants that had weird hours in the sense that open and close through out the day, however that never matched up with my own schedule. I had given up all hope on eating at Blossoms, when I stumbled up on Blossom Du Jour. Two separate restaurant entity by the way. I started to plan out which Saturday or friend I was going to drag to Blossom Du Jour. Randomly last week on a rainy night I headed to the 59th Street Columbus Ave train station when I saw a Blossom Du Jour express in the shopping area of the train station. Days after that night I began stalking their menu, fantasizing about what I would have.

After work on Wednesday I enjoyed a walk from Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. Once inside the train station I headed straight for Blossom Du Jour express. I had already made up my mind that I was getting the un-chicken avocado griller but was torn between sides to go along with my sandwich. As I asked the guy at the register which side to get with my sandwich, but was informed all they had left was soup and I do not drink soup. Aside from not being able to get a side with my sandwich I was excited to taste grilled rosemary lemon un-chicken and focaccia bread. I had never had un-chicken or focaccia bread, as a firm believer that there is a first time for everything I was happy to take my sandwich and go.

Finally home, I opened the wrapper for my sandwich I was impressed with how big the sandwich was. I also noticed they were not skimp with the avocado. I took my first bite and was blissfully felt satisfied. The pesto mayo wasn’t too overpowering in the lettuce and there was still some crunch left on the lettuce. The rosemary lemon un-chicken had a good texture, it didn’t feel or tastes like a piece of plastic. The texture reminded me of a sliced chicken or turkey breast and it actually had flavor. The focaccia bread was crispy but not too crispy and also had a nice taste as well. I’m sure I could eat this focaccia bread with anything. I feel as if the un-chicken lemon avocado griller was the answer for all those times I wanted a vegetarian sandwich that just wasn’t made up of bread, cheese, sprouts, and avocado. Since I actually enjoyed the sandwich and would really like to enjoy one of the sides of the menu I will definitely be going back to Blossom Du Jour express very soon.

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