Vic Mensa announces new album and how you can listen to it early

Last month, Chicago MC Vic Mensa released a four track capsule entitled Manuscript produced by Pharrell and Mike Dean that would give us a slight introduction into what to expect from him this summer. Being that his capsule consists of four different tracks that feature Pusha T, Pharrell, and Mr.Hudson and serve four different purposes, he spoke on releasing his debut album this summer that will put all the questionable pieces together for us as his audience. Luckily for us, he not only released a visual for “OMG”(a common favorite) and the breakdown via Genius but he also announced the date for his anticipated project to the world sooner than later.

Just days ago Vic announced via twitter that the album would be entitled The Autobiography and that it would be releasing July 28th. Seeing that the MC is dedicated to all of his listeners, he decided to input a unique twist on things by promising every fan that takes a picture with the album promo at a bookstore  would be able to listen to the album as early as this weekend.  If that’s not dedication, then we don’t know what it is.  Last summer the rapper dropped his highly acclaimed EP “There’s Alot Going On” that released around a similar date as Manuscript where he brought political issues to the light as well as personal but also made us promise to vote which was another catch  he implemented in order for us to stream his work .

Last year we could kind of see what aspects were going to be placed into the project (because there was truly a lot going on), but this time around it’s not as simple. Being that there are no clues  except the title itself which may allow us as his fans to dig deeper into his life and his artistry in his own unique way, we could may get the Traffic Vic Mensa, the MC on the Innanetape, or we could just get Straightup Vic. Whatever he will be releasing to us about his life, just know it won’t be fabricated.


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