Viceland’s Hate Thy Neighbor’s Feminism 101 Episode Was Right On Time

Viceland is famous for giving us the content we had no idea we needed. From inside looks into the drug community with Black Market to a walk through the trap houses of Chicago with Noisey, we’re all for it. The latest gem to catch our eye from the Viceland media crew is Hate Thy Neighbor. British comedian Jamali Maddix confronts racism, classism and pure bullshit head on in this series. He travels around the world to make a little more sense of the “alt-right” beliefs in these special groups. Last night’s episode captured feminism at its finest during National Women’s Month and we ate it up.

Feminism, in the most simplest terms discusses the equal opportunity for both women and men. Some take it as simple as both women and men should have the same opportunity to the same wages at the same job and some are as far right as women should be able to walk around topless just as men do. Wherever you are on this spectrum, we’re not judging, but there was a lot to talk about in last night’s episode. Jamali highlighted a woman who believed that women should not have the right to vote, obviously an anti-feminist. Also in the show, he discussed Slut Walk, it’s purpose and if the movement is really effective.

The word “Feminist” is covered in all areas in this episode. The most interesting topics tackled were the women who found themselves supporting some notions of the feminism movement, but not all. Some felt that there is classism inside the feminist community creating pressure in regards to if you don’t believe as strong as they do, you’re not a true feminist.

Here are some of the very alt-right take away beliefs talked about on the episode:

  • Should women be allowed to vote?
  • Is feminism even real?
  • Is Slut Walk effective?
  • Does Slut Walk provoke sexual assault?
  • Does the Women’s march in D.C serve purpose?

We’re going to leave the floor open for you discuss on our Twitter at @VashtieDotCom.


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