Viceland’s ‘The Therapist’ Will Make Us All Vulnerable

Following the 30-minute special on YG with the therapist featured by Vice in September of last year, Viceland has proceeded to entice us with yet another addictive series. The Therapist premieres in just a few weeks on May 8th, and is set to include several familiar faces like Waka Flocka, D.R.A.M., Young M.A., and Freddie Gibbs, just to name a few.

The series will include therapy sessions conducted by Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, who is quite familiar with working alongside the famous with much of her former work in countless social service agencies within South Central LA.


We rarely are exposed to the hardship and trauma faced by the artists we support and listen to. Viceland’s The Therapist provides viewers with an intimate, and relatable  perspective by exposing the harsh truths these stars, much like us, conceal and battle with.

We hope that the show sheds light on the therapy process and assists in breaking down the negative stigma associated with therapy, and highlights the benefit of the experience for individuals of all walks of life. And of course, how insightful will it be to get a rare look into the personal lives of music icons!

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