video: MIGUEL feat. J.COLE – “All I Want Is You”

now…all my dedicated readers are aware that i RARELY blog current and popular things. especially music. why? blogs have become so copy and paste…you’ll see the same story on at least 5 of your favorite blogs in the same day. not only that, new music usually never finds it’s way into my interests, so i never really feel compelled to share it.

this time was different.

it was a rare occasion that 106 & PARK made it on my tube, when i heard a song that made me feel like i was a little kid back in the 90’s. i didn’t have my contacts in, so i could barely make out the video…but, all i knew was that i thoroughly enjoyed this new song and it gave me a nostalgic and reminiscent feeling.

new music rarely, IF EVER, touches me…and this did. i’m really feeling it…

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