Waist Beads: The Gateway to a Wombman’s Throne

Wombmen in Africa have been known to wear these adornments as far back as Ancient Egypt, for more reasons than one. According to history, the Egyptian wombman wore waist beads as a symbolism of status and in Ghana; babies are dressed with beads at their naming ceremonies. Today, carrying on the tradition of our ancestors, waist beads are worn all around the world for the purpose of healing, body shaping, fertility, womanhood and sexuality.

Considered as a weapon of seduction, waist beads are possibly the only accessory you’d need to wear while enticing your mate. The placement alone draws your partner into a sense of hypnosis. Commonly worn underneath your clothing, imagine your adornments as another layer of surprise and beauty to entertain your significant other.

While these special jewels are easy on the eye, they play a far more significant role to the well being of our temple. Special stones and specific color-beads can contribute to the healing of our womb and our overall health, whether it’s physical like tumors or infertility or spiritual-emotional dis-ease. Worn on either the waist or hips, waist beads lay at the center of our bodies, which can signify balance while reaching our extremities with it’s healing properties.

It is a strong belief and logically proven that waist beads attribute to weight watching. Beads strung on cords may roll up and down, depending on the fluctuation of your weight. If they roll up, you’ve gained weight, if they roll down; you’ve shed some inches off your midsection. Nigerian wombmen believe wearing multiple strands of waist beads can be considered as a waist trainer as they cinch the form of your waist and allow your hips to bloom in full curvature.

Needless to say, there is no limit to the designs in waist beads or the wombman who wears them. Wombmen of all ages, sizes and hues are entitled to hone into their well being, sexuality and overall existence–and we stand firm together in wombmanhood when doing so.

Take a look into waist beads and explore deeper into the divine feminine energy.


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