It’s A Wake Up Call to Bring Mental Health Into The Conversation: Peep VICELAND’S “The Therapist”


When it comes to the shows of VICELAND, when are we not entertained? From Noisey interviews to Action Bronson‘s “Fuck, That’s Delicious” to even Desus and Mero. As always, Viceland always manages to capture something fresh and bring it to the eyes of the diverse audience it serves from the screens of their TV (if they have a subscription of  course)to their phones .

Recently, VICELAND came out with another channel for us to glue our eyes to that feature’s psychologist Siri Sat Nam Singh as the host and more importantly as “The Therapist”. The show takes a fresh take on the lives of the artists that we commonly attach our ears and eyes to and takes a deep dive into what has caused them trauma in their lives. More importantly, the show investigates not just one particular situation but the therapist makes it his duty to bring a certain factor that this society often ignores or takes lightly, mental health. Rather it be the memes or the lash outs or just disappearing off the scene from the industry, it’s no coincidence that a lot of the artists and creative minds we admire often are going through something internally which sometimes can be simply categorized as trauma from a certain life experience and/or an aspect of their life they’d like to modify or are not completely healed from or comfortable with. This show takes a step back to look at what’s important to the people we look up to as not a celebrity or as an artist, but as a person. The show is raw and enforces a narrative that we really need to take seriously. The show exemplifies that what we think as small factors and experiences from within our life (family structure, the wants we had as a child, an experience your still bouncing back from[trauma], not being accepted as transgender, etc ) are aspects that can still affect our mind at the present and possibly the future if overlooked. The show has brought on guest from Dreezy and YG to Joey Bada$$, D.R.A.M, Young M.A., Nathan Williams, and even captured the late and honorable legend Prodigy before his last days. This show is the very insight that could spark frequency and motivation for a very necessary conversation on mental health and we’re here for it. Peep some of their latest episodes below and tell us and what you think !


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