‘Do What You Want’ Mag Makes Mental Health Relatable

At an early age we’re taught to go to the doctor when we feel sick, when we hurt ourselves, we go to the ER. Yet, for some reason, we are not instructed to look at mental health in the same way. When we feel mentally or emotionally unstable or experience something traumatic, we tend to talk it out with loved ones or worse, internalize the pain and suffering. We’re taught that therapy is something reserved for nut jobs with ‘real’ problems. Contrary to this stigma, mental illness and periods of mental instability are actually more common than the freak accidents and ailments which send you to the doctor. Many of us silently battle our inner demons, fearful that speaking about it or asking for help transforms it into a less manageable issue.

In reality, sharing your experiences, asking for help, and engaging in little mental health check ups can and will make it easier.

What we often fail to realize is that in the same way we are ‘physical’ beings, we are very much ‘mental’ beings – thus, maintaining one’s mental health is equally as important as physical health.

People tend to think that individuals suffering from mental anguish lie in bed crying or are tucked away in a looney bin somewhere. In truth, depression can present itself with many different faces – sometimes via a smiley face.  We don’t know what’s actually going on behind that facade.

Thankfully, Do What You Want magazine will be releasing the first publication of its kind, shedding light on mental health and attacking the offensive stigma. What’s even more awesome is that all profits will be directed to charities and not-for-profit organizations that support mental welfare.

“With nearly 150 pages of interview, essay and illustration, Do What You Want is a celebration of all aspects of mental wellbeing, from the provision of accessible mental health care to the power of self-belief. With a strong intersectional focus, this is a zine about mental health for all people, in all walks of life. We believe that mental health care and support should be a right for all.”

Contributors of all walks of life reveal their own struggle secrets discussing topics like, why should someone go to therapy, an interview with esteemed actress Mara Wilson on OCD, the many faces of eating disorders, and a plethora of other insightful shorts.

“Other features include a personal essay about mental wellbeing as a Somali refugee woman; an article about seeking treatment as a non binary person; a look at being mentally ill and on benefits; a portrait of social anxiety; a comic about mental health and compulsive spending, and much more.”

Do What You Want will undoubtedly be incredibly helpful and perhaps provide you with an extra leg of support if you need a little pick me up. From scientifically proven methodologies to improve even your worst symptoms, to personal stories you can relate to, Do What You Want is here to help.

Check out the full list of amazing organizations associated with the zine and pre-order the incredibly necessary publication here!

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