WATCH: “Amazing Jam Session – Three Random Guys” – Jimmy Kimmel

So you guys might have seen the video of this impromptu jam session in Iriving Texas gone all the way right, which went super viral a few days ago. Basically, a street musician is just chilling and playing his guitar and singing (quite exquisitely) and then a stranger comes by and starts to freestyle sing and then another stranger comes by and he started freestyle rapping. The original made me teary eyed, but this Jimmy Kimmel clip made me all the way cry while smiling. Ya’ll know I’m a big baby!

This clip shows a re-enactment of the scenario, supported by Trey Songz, Juicy J and Aloe Blacc! It is amazing. I’m so happy for those 3 random dudes and I hope someone signs Jessie or all 3 of them!

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