Watch Childish Gambino Perform “Me and Your Mama” in Trippy Virtual Reality


Childish Gambino is going all in on virtual reality. After updating his website with limited edition virtual reality vinyl of his forthcoming album, “Awaken, My Love,” Donald Glover uploaded VR performance footage of “Me and Your Mama” to his PHAROS Earth app. Recorded at his Pharos event in Joshua Tree this summer, the video finds Gambino adorned in glow-in-the-dark material as he performs in the looming shadow of a giant beast of some kind.

The free app (which is available for iPhone or Android) works best with mobile VR headsets, but anyone can use their phone “as a window into the world of PHAROS” by controlling the direction of the camera with motion control. Awaken my love is set to release Friday, watch the full performance on the app and see screenshots below.

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