WATCH: Jazz Cartier – “Red Alert/100 Roses”


For those unfamiliar, Jazz Cartier is a rising star from Toronto, Canada. His most recent project Hotel Paranoia has earned it’s place in the constant rotation of many industry heads, bloggers, taste makers and shot callers. With Drake rightfully taking the place of “Don” in the Toronto music scene, it’s safe to say Jazz is surely on his way to taking a spot very close to the 6 God.

Not only is the music impressive, his stage shows and videos have been stellar and garnered much praise almost immediately since his name started buzzing. His recent double 360-degree virtual reality music video for “Red Alert” and “100 Roses” features stimulating levels that are taken up a notch — or trillion.

While the first half of the visual reminds me a bit of a new age Mad Max, Jazz is hanging outside of a Hummer, rapping and wilding out until it all comes into a crash and burn. The second half of the video looks as if Jacuzzi is rapping on a fighting stage from Mortal Kombat.

You can thank the team over at Mad Ruk Ent. for how well produced the video is. To maximize your viewing pleasure, it’d be best if you watched this on your smartphone via the YouTube app.


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