WATCH : Kari Faux’s Dream-Like Visual for “Fantasy”

Rap darling Kari Faux solidified her name in the industry earlier this year with her highly-anticipated debut album, Lost En Los Angeles. Far away from her hometown and loved ones, the Little Rock native speaks candidly on the project about growing into womanhood, new found success and the transition to Los Angeles.

Check out Kari’s new an unconventional new visual for project-featured track, “Fantasy”. Inspired by Digable Planet’s “Cool Like That” and Erykah Badus “Certainly,” Kari tells The FADER how she isn’t concerned with being a man’s ideal woman over an infectious Jazz inspired soundscape:

“I’m sad that I’ll never be anyone’s fantasy, but at the same time, I’m like, fu*k that because that makes me sad that I have to be somebody’s fantasy. Being a woman is so hard. I’m understanding that more and more as I get older. I’ve been a tomboy for so long. So now I wanna be more like feminine, wear more dresses, and wear makeup. So, it kind of sucks cause I’m like, ‘Am I doing this because it’s what I want to do, or am I doing this because that’s what I keep seeing presented to me and that’s what I see people liking?” 

Follow Kari through her “Fantasy” in the dream-like visual above.

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