WATCH: Nyck Caution’s New “Basin” Video

Pro Era has been busy as of late and their hustle doesn’t stop! Nyck Caution just released his debut project “Disguise The Limit” which has been getting rave reviews. Fresh off of that release, Nyck delivers a visual for the song BASIN which is an ode to his hometown, Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New York. The video features Nyck switching in and out of unique predicaments. From pretty much being teleported into an underground rave party where he’s watching himself perform, to waking up and being on top of a taxi cab mobbing out with his friends, to finally passing out with a bloody nose in a snow filled forrest. The video has a Groundhog’s Day feel to, for those who know about that movie. This is going to be a good year for Nyck and Pro Era. So proud and happy to see it happen.

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