STYLE: Watch Tyler, The Creator’s GOLF Fashion Show

@fucktyler and @oldfishinghat

This past weekend, Tyler, The Creator made history with the debut Golf Wang Fashion Show at MADE in LA.

Much like the anti movement of Kurt Cobain, Tyler dramatically challenged company royalties when he announced the launch of his very own shoe line, “Golf  Le Fleur.” He also promised every member of the audience a pair.

He infused fashion with theatre while friends paraded, dirt-biked, and skated in his candy-colored, pop-culture clothing. He too, took the runway in his “un-manly” pink sweatshirt.

Tyler can be often seen as unfashionable and childish — but I can’t say I agree. While yes, he is incredibly outspoken and child-like, it is his imagination and ‘high school drama club’ aesthetic that makes him the fascinating individual we have learned to love. He is the innovative, self-aware and unapologetic Pisces that has influenced kids to be their giddy and gay selves.

Watch the full Golf Wang Fashion Show below:


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