#WCW: Female MC’s You Should Be Paying Attention To

Whenever a new list of “New Artists You Need To Listen to” comes out out various media outlets, you’ll find an eclectic group of artists with different sounds, looks, and unbeknown to us, genders. So why is it when we speak specifically about new rap artists that we should tune into, it seems that women are left out? Don’t worry – we have you covered. We all know and are loving the successes of female artists like Cardi B, so we want to highlight 13 female mc’s in no particular order that you should also be paying attention to.

1) Kamaiyah

You may have first heard of her voice on YG’s “Why You Always Hatin‘”, but Kamaiyah has more than just a witty chorus to offer. The Oakland rapper released her EP A Good Night in the Ghetto last March and just as the title suggests – her audience caught waves of 90s west coast vibes that makes you forgot any problem you thought you might have had. From her beats to lyricism, you hear Kamaiyah proudly representing for her hometown while simultaneously making you feel real good.

2) Kari Faux

By way of Little Rock, Arkansas, Kari Faux’s name rang bells when she made her song, “No Small Talk”. Her lyrics are packed with attitude and conviction -all the things you need to hear when you feel like doing only one thing – being your unapologetic self with no remorse. With cosigns like Childish Gambino who used “No Small Talk” for his own album and countless other Kari tracks featured on the hit HBO show, “Insecure”, you are going to be hearing more from this sassy rapper who has some real things to say.

3) Leikeli47

Sometimes the greatest thing about artist discretion, is that it forces you to pay attention to the art first, and worry about the artist later – or never. Leikeli47 manages to do just that and what she is forcing us to focus on is banging, fun basses and snappy lyrics. Her songs like “Miss Me” and “F**k the Summer Up” shows Leikeli’s range as a lyricist. I might as go as far to say that she has the personality to be as iconic as Missy Elliott for this generation.

4) Tink

More than just a rapper, Tink can provide soothing vocals on a track that are infectious. The Chicago rapper made waves with her Aaliyah inspired, “Million”, and has been working consistently ever since. Her new song, “Mine” featuring fellow Chicago rapper G Herbo speaks on every girl’s wishes at one point to be with the boy that isn’t “good” for her.

5) Chynna Rogers

Chynna is a young Philly rapper who is more than just stunning in a photo. She offers real and raw music that speaks to different aspects of her life, which can also speak to yours. Her EP NINETY reflects on the aspects of life that aren’t always “peaches and cream”. Chynna can get dark without being draining. Her newly released, “seasonal depression”, reflects on the tug and pull the mind feels when one isn’t their best self. Yet somehow, you want to jam to it.

6) Princess Nokia

What isn’t discussed too often is the duality that lives within all women. We can stay on top of current news and information, and still want to twerk while turning up. I can’t think of any artist better than Princess Nokia who represents the beautiful complexities that make us women – and specifically for her, women of color. And I can’t think of a woman better who makes conscious songs like, “Brujas” and founded an urban feminism club called Smart Girl Club, and also makes a bad b*tch anthem like “G.O.A.T.“. The self-entitled “New York Aficionado” released her EP 1992 to well-received reviews and has not stopped working since, proving her skills as an MC while bringing back the classic NYC east coast rap sound.

7) Maliibu Miitch

This “Pretty Poppin’ Hood Booger” is another artist who puts on for the classic east coast rap that reigned in hip-hop for the longest time. Small in size, large in spirit, the South Bronx rapper released her mixtape, Top 5, paying homage to biggest female MC’s of our time – Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Lauryn Hill, and Missy Elliott. This summer she released, “4 AM”, which caught the attention of many outlets. What’s next for this fiery and gritty rapper is unbeknown to us, but it’s definitely up from her.


8) Connie Diiamond

Connie Diiamond also hails from The Bronx and brings a riveting energy to her tracks. Her songs are all about the girl who knows who she is, grinds hard, and is ready to show the world. Tracks like “Like Me”, “Summer Sixteen Freestyle” and “Designer” is not for the light at heart. Lyrics pack a punch and make statements. She also has a knack for collaborating with promising female rappers from all over. Connie is a strong contestant for a lasting rapper.

9) Hoodcelebrityy

Hoodcelebrityy is a smooth blend of spit fire lyrics with island influences. The Jamaican born, Bronx rapper is the embodiement of traditional rap – a story, witty rhymes and a strong flow. Hoodcelebrityy starting gaining attention after she remixed A Boogie’s “Bando”. Just recently she released her mixtape, TrapvsReggae, which includes her dancehall hit, “Bubble”.

10) Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is not new to the scene. “212” and “Yung Rapunxel” are just two of the many songs that prove Azealia is a female force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Who else can flow over a pop beat, and still deliver raw lyrics? Unfortunately, Azealia’s controversial statements and “fights” with others in pop culture have clouded her impeccable rap skill. Whether you agree with her or not, we can’t ignore her skill in making music. Azealia recently released “Chi Chi”, and it was nothing less than what you would expect from the artist. According to her Instagram, she is working on a new album.

11) Nadia Rose

For our last three female MC’s, we had to take it oversees. Our first U.K. rapper is Nadia Rose. The South London rapper delivers punchlines for days. On “Breathe Slow” featuring Junglepussy, Nadia slows down the pace a bit and gets sensual. On “Wat Up” she proves she can hang with boys rapping alongside U.K. rap group 67 and sounds just as tough. Did we also mention her cousin is Stormzy? Lyricism just runs in the family.

12) Ms Banks

Tyra Banks, who goes by Ms Banks, is without a doubt a problem. Her name started to garner attention after her BBC 1 Fire in the Booth freestyle where for about seven minutes, she spit pure bars. The South London rapper then released songs like “OMG” and “Vibez” packed with the same heat. She also has collaborated with a slew of females that are also making waves in the industry.

13) Stefflon Don

If you are first being introduced to U.K. rap at the moment, you’ll hear of Skepta, you’ll hear of Giggs, you’ll hear of Stormzy – but make sure you remember Stefflon Don as well. The Jamaican-British rapper

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